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Emirati pilot Shareef AlRomaithi completed a NASA project after leaving the HERA habitat after 45 days of Phase 2 of the second analog study of the UAE Analog Program.

The study saw the UAE simulate a manned mission to Mars, during which AlRomaithi conducted 18 scientific experiments.

In his first photo since exiting the capsule, posted on social media by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC), the UAE pilot is accompanied by Adnan AlRais, deputy director general of the space operations sector and exploration, MBRSC and the UAE analogue. The program team.

In a tweet, MBRSC said: “Highlights following the release of analog crew member Shareef AlRomaithi from HERA habitat after completing the 45-day phase 2 of the second analog study of the Arab Emirates analog program United. »


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