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The best universities in the UAE have been revealed by the Ministry of Education, in line with its new national framework for classifying higher education institutions.

The initial evaluation phase, based on the “research hub”, covers establishments approved by the ministry offering master’s, doctoral and bachelor’s degrees.

The annual ranking takes into account factors such as research and innovation, quality of teaching and student life, as well as employment opportunities and international collaboration.

Based on their performance, the universities were divided into four different groups, with the best performers in Group 1.

The latest classification does not include institutions established in the last five years, those offering exclusively master’s and doctoral programs, or universities whose licenses have been revoked or suspended.

Meanwhile, universities that only offer bachelor’s or lower-level programs will be evaluated in the second phase.

The Ministry of Education said its latest initiative will allow students to select institutions that match their interests and academic strengths, and will also encourage universities to improve their competitiveness.

“The work on developing the framework lasted six years, in collaboration with relevant entities. The ministry’s teams carried out standard comparisons with the ranking systems of internationally accredited universities,” said Dr Mohammad Al Mualla, undersecretary for academic affairs of higher education at the ministry.

“Communication with relevant local parties has been prioritized to ensure alignment with the national vision and priorities. The classifications will be updated annually, starting this year,” he added.


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