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Abu Dhabi is taking further measures to shape the next generation of leaders in STEM education.

The emirate’s Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) has teamed up with Khalifa University of Science and Technology to launch a programme to empower teachers and 11th grade students across Abu Dhabi’s charter schools.

The one-year programme will see teachers receive intensive training from Khalifa University’s faculty, while students will benefit from access to peer mentors from the univeristy, ensuring a smooth transition from high school to higher education.

Teachers undergoing the specialised training will gain insights into student’s proficiency levels, allowing them to effectively tailor learning environments according to each pupil’s level.

They will also learn how to fully integrate and adapt new teaching methodologies using technology and various digital platforms.

The peer mentorship model is designed to foster a supportive environment that encourages curiosity, a sense of belonging and enhanced learning experiences, all while drawing inspiration from accomplished role models in the STEM field.

Eligible students will be selected based on their academic performance in mathematics, as evidenced by MAP Growth study results and teachers’ recommendations.

“Through this initiative, our goal is to provide students with upskilling opportunities at any stage of their academic journey, ensuring they are equipped to join top higher education institutions,” said Dr. Ahmed Sultan Alshoaibi, Acting Executive Director of the Higher Education Sector at ADEK.

The programme has started at Al Ghad School – Charter Schools as an inaugural phase to enhance problem-solving skills and empower students to apply mathematical concepts in real-life situations.

Ultimately, it will help them boost EmSAT math scores, master test-taking strategies through the ALEKS online assessment platform, strengthen academic skills, cultivate personal growth, develop communication and teamwork abilities, and foster interest in mathematics by introducing the inaugural Musabaqat math competition for high school students.

Following the pilot phase, the programme will be implemented across all Abu Dhabi Charter Schools at a later stage.

The Charter Schools education model offers American-based curriculum to public school students who are based in Abu Dhabi.


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