Operation Chivalrous Knight 3 has launched a campaign to distribute drinking water to displaced Palestinian families across various areas of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The initiative is aimed at alleviating suffering amidst the stoppage of desalination plants and the lack of basic necessities of life and infrastructure due to the dire conditions in Gaza.

Water-filled tankers headed to Khan Younis in cooperation with the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility, to provide residents with drinking water, in a move aimed at providing basic needs, improving living conditions in shelters and reducing the water crisis suffered by thousands as a result of the absence and destruction of water lines.

As part of supporting displaced Palestinian families with potable water, the UAE has contributed to providing water in displacement camps and shelters in Khan Younis city.

Through Operation Chivalrous Knight 3 the UAE provides drinking water to the residents in various areas to facilitate their access to water given the difficulty they face in light of the suffering and lack of the basics of life.

This is also because of the challenging conditions faced by municipalities in the Gaza Strip, which prevents them from providing basic services, including water, to citizens, causing a humanitarian catastrophe.

The project benefits 50,000 people, with 116,000 litres of water being filled daily.


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