A grant programme has been launched by the UAE’s Ministry of Culture and Youth to support local talent with funding for creative projects.

It will help Emiratis bring their ideas to life while also enhancing visibility of the UAE’s creative industries on global platforms.

The National Grant Programme for Culture and Creativity focuses on projects within seven major fields, including books and literature, music, film and TV, performing arts and theatre, visual arts and design, video games and cultural heritage.

Grants are available in four categories, with the funding ranging from AED 50,000 to AED 100,000.

Applications are open until August 31 through the ministry’s website.

“This marks another significant step towards increasing awareness and developing the skills and capabilities of the creative talent among UAE Nationals on a local and global scale,” said Sheikh Salem bin Khalid Al Qassimi, Minister of Culture and Youth.

Creation and Production Grant (Up to AED 100,000): This grant will finance the production of new and original artistic and creative works across various mediums, such as film, music, performances, and video games.

It supports projects demonstrating artistic excellence, creative appeal, and a unique vision or concept.

Distribution and Local Participations Grant (Up to AED 80,000): Supports promoting, distributing and publishing creative projects to increase visibility for locally produced artworks and projects.

It also aims to encourage creatives to participate in local opportunities and events by supporting associated participation costs.

Capacity Development Grant (Up to AED 50,000): Aids the professional growth of applicants by supporting unique learning opportunities that upskill and enhance creatives’ skills and talent through short courses, residencies, specialised training from recognised institutions and similar development opportunities.

International Travel and Mobility Grant (Up to AED 50,000): Supports creatives to participate in international events and opportunities by funding costs of travel, accommodation and participation to represent the UAE on global platforms.

It aims to increase the global presence of the UAE’s creative sector and can cover associated fees for participation in festivals, exhibitions, international collaborations, and more.


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