According to a report that was published in The Economic Times, Saudi Arabia has made it essential for anyone of Indian descent to participate in the Skill Verification Programme (SVP) test.

This action is being taken as a part of the kingdom’s attempts to improve the quality of its professional workforce and address the problem of employees who lack the necessary qualifications.

Saudi Arabia announces that expats

In the first stages of the programme, the exam is only required to be taken for a limited number of job classifications; however, the ultimate goal is to eventually make it essential for all employment.

The Skill Verification Programme (SVP), which is scheduled to begin operations in 2021, has the overarching goal of limiting employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia to just suitably qualified individuals.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) and as reported by SPA, the first phase of the Skill Verification Programme was launched in India in the month of December 2022. In the beginning, the launch was held in New Delhi in addition to Mumbai.

In order to participate in this programme, professional professionals who are now working in Saudi Arabia or who have future plans to do so are need to undergo both written and practical examinations.

The examination is currently necessary for candidates seeking certification in a total of 19 different trades, including building electricians, plumbers, welders and electronic switchboard assemblers.

This compulsory examination has been brought to the attention of recruitment companies by the Saudi Arabian embassy in India.

After arriving in Saudi Arabia legally on one of the aforementioned visas, a number of Indians, including engineers, IT experts, and others, decide to change the work titles associated with their entry into the country.

These visas allow entry into Saudi Arabia for a number of people who later turn out to have been victims of fraudulent agents.

After candidates have obtained their professional verification certificates, they have the option of either remaining in their existing position and applying to have their visa renewed, or applying for a new work visa and beginning their search for employment.


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