The Public Authority for Manpower has implemented the smart worker ID through the My ID application in order to streamline operations and protect the interests of both the general public and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The domestic labor sector is meant to benefit from increased transparency and efficiency, which is the goal of this effort.

Kuwait announces the launch of smart worker ID cards

According to a press statement that was issued by the Authority, domestic labor offices and businesses that are involved in the process of recruiting workers are now required to create smart IDs for registered workers by utilizing the My ID application that has been designated for this purpose. To comply with the regulations governing the recruitment of domestic workers, copies of these identification documents are required to be given to the Licencing Department of the Department. In addition, it is recommended that workers keep their smart IDs with them at all times and display them when asked to do so.

Within the context of citizens interacting with recruitment offices and businesses, the Authority stresses the significance of maintaining vigilant. Individuals are strongly encouraged to verify the smart IDs of workers and cross-reference them with the contracts and receipts that are provided by the offices or companies that they are dealing with when they are visiting establishments of this nature. Through the implementation of this policy, the domestic labor sector will be subject to increased security, decreased fraud, and increased compliance.


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