The United Arab Emirates called on the United Nations to act towards an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during a meeting with the UN Security Council, during which His Excellency Mohamed Abushahab, the representative UAE Permanent Representative to the UN, said the action was “very late”.

His Excellency delivered a statement on behalf of the Arab Group at the recent UN Security Council meeting.

Speaking through a translator, Abushahab discussed recent attacks on camps in safe areas and called for UN action, which followed Algeria’s presentation of its draft resolution and calling for an immediate end to the conflict in Rafah.

In his statement, made on behalf of the Arab Group, Abushahab said: “The Arab Group calls on this Council to engage in a positive and constructive manner in the negotiations related to the draft resolution presented yesterday by the Algerian State. The draft resolution aims to stop the Israeli military attack on Rafah and demand an immediate ceasefire.

“In this regard, we emphasize the importance of adopting this resolution because the Security Council has taken such an urgent measure very late.”


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