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UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan met with a number of Emirati students at Chinese universities and institutions, as part of his two-day state visit to the People’s Republic of China.

During the interview, he inquired about the well-being of the students and their academic progress, expressing his joy at meeting them and emphasizing the importance of providing favorable conditions for their studies and learning.

Sheikh Mohamed urged students to persevere and put maximum effort into their education, enabling them to return home with valuable knowledge and experiences that will benefit themselves and their country.

The President highlighted that the UAE’s youth constitute the nation’s true wealth and are key to achieving its growth aspirations, and reaffirmed the UAE’s keenness to learn from the world’s leading development models , including China.

He also encouraged students to present a positive image of their country in China, embodying the values ​​and principles of the UAE in their behavior. He noted that upon their return, they would help strengthen bilateral relations by acting as cultural bridges between the Emirati and Chinese people.

The students expressed their joy at meeting the President, thanking him for his continued support and encouragement to young Emiratis both at home and abroad.

They shared that this meeting had significantly boosted their morale for their studies and pledged to work diligently to meet His Highness’s expectations that they would contribute to the development of the UAE upon their return.

The meeting took place in the presence of members of the delegation accompanying the President.


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