UAE media organizations won 17 various awards at the 16th edition of the GCC Radio and Television Festival, which concluded in Manama on Thursday.

In addition, three pioneers of the Emirati media were honored: Hessa Al Ossaily, Mohamed Najib and Ahmed Saeed Al Mansouri.

The UAE Media Pavilion, organized by the UAE Media Council, highlighted the efforts of local media institutions to provide modern interactive content combining creativity, authenticity and credibility, reaching all segments of society.

The pavilion saw strong participation from officials, media professionals and the general public.

Visitors were impressed by the diversity and innovation exhibited by the UAE’s media institutions, reflecting the sector’s remarkable progress and its ability to produce creative content that enriches the local and Arab media landscape.

Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohammed bin Butti Al Hamed, Chairman of the National Media Office (NMO) and Chairman of the UAE Media Council, expressed his pride and appreciation for this Emirati media achievement.

“The UAE’s media achievements are a testament to the far-sighted vision of its leaders, coupled with meticulous planning, diligent execution and a commitment to continuous learning. By building on past successes and fostering a culture of innovation, Emirati media has clearly positioned itself for excellence,” he said.

“We believe that investing in national cadres, providing a stimulating environment for creativity and equipping them with the skills and expertise needed to ensure a thriving and sustainable media industry is the foundation of media excellence,” Sheikh added Abdulla.

The festival saw remarkable participation, with more than 360 applications submitted by media institutions from the Gulf regions and Arab countries. Of these entries, 80 were dramatic works with a combined production cost of AED 800 million.

Entrants competed in 46 award categories spanning television and radio programming, drama and digital media.

Abu Dhabi Media Network won eight awards in various categories, while Dubai Media Incorporated won nine awards.

The Festival also honored three luminaries from the UAE media landscape: Ahmed Saeed Al Mansouri for his contributions to television; Hessa Al Ossaily, veteran broadcaster; and esteemed sports journalist Mohamed Najib.


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