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Cold calling in the UAE faces fines of AED 150,000 under strict new rules. The new regulations, announced by the Ministry of the Economy and the Telecommunications and Digital Regulatory Authority (TRA), aim to protect people from persistent telemarketers.

Starting in August, businesses will no longer be able to call back their customers if they refuse service during the initial conversation and they will not be able to call back if the call is declined or terminated.

Telemarketing calls will also only be allowed from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and businesses will need prior approval from authorities and face termination of their operating licenses if the rules are not followed.

When the new rules come into force, marketing calls will only be able to be made from approved business numbers, as opposed to individual or personal numbers.

Customers can file a complaint if any of the new rules are not followed.

The rules apply to all UAE businesses, including those in free zones.


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