63 rehabilitated turtles were released into their natural habitat in Dubai ahead of World Sea Turtle Day.

The turtles were released ahead of an event hosted by Jumeirah, which explored the ocean’s most pressing challenges today and the efforts needed to protect it.

The panel discussion “Out of Sight Is Not Out of Mind: Our Collective Responsibility to Preserve Our Ocean” took place ahead of World Sea Turtle Day on Sunday, June 16, which marks the 20th anniversary of the sea turtle rehabilitation project. Dubai turtles.

The panel highlighted that marine conservation is a shared global challenge that requires collaboration between governments, organizations, businesses and individuals. They also shared examples of innovative solutions and good practices for ocean conservation, highlighting the critical role of education, awareness and youth engagement in shaping a sustainable future for the world. ocean.

The total number of turtles released by the DTRP stands at more than 2,175 since its launch in 2004.

Dubai and the UAE’s commitment to environmental sustainability and biodiversity innovation was praised by the panel of experts.


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